Climate change is real, there is no more denying on this


Our little blue planet has entered a new epoch known as ‘Anthropocene‘ to define the period where collective human activities started to have a significant global impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems.

 Our generation to act now for the next generation…

The many impacts of climate change is still unknown but they will be far-reaching and will last over generations. Our current generation is already facing problems of water scarcity, drying up of arable land, extreme weather patterns and spread of warm-weather diseases. It is expected there will be more natural disasters, human conflicts over scarce resources and mass migration of people from affected areas. More alarming info at UNHCR website.


Picture from UN Refugee Agency

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to do the right thing now to slow down and stabilise the impacts of climate change.

Sustainability means opportunities, not costs!

Businesses are the main drivers of economic growth and wealth creation. Therefore, the daily activities of businesses whether large, small or micro-level will have impacts on climate change. Businesses need to adapt to be sustainable in its consumption of resources as well as products and services they create and sell.

More importantly, the adoption of sustainability practices offers new opportunities to businesses whose owners and decision-makers have a strong vision for a better future. These include increasing efficiency in use of existing resources, tapping into renewable resources, new market access for low-carbon products, access to green funding and driving innovations in human capital.

How we can help

Rapid Genesis has worked with various organisations, government agencies and private businesses to drive sustainability whether at national-level, industry-level or company-level. Some of the major organisations we have worked with include British High Commission KL, Kulim Bhd., Astro, Kualiti Alam Sdn. Bhd., Penang Green Council and Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Organisational carbon footprint baseline study for governmental bodies, public-listed companies and SMEs.
  • Carbon awareness training for governmental agencies and public-listed companies

Training_Penang Green Council  Training_Kualiti Alam

  • Product carbon footprint for palm oil products for public-listed plantation companies
  • Green innovation consultancy for pre-IPO companies and SMEs
  • Training and consultancy for companies for green and innovation awards and certifications such as Prime Minister’s Hibiscus Award, SCORE programme, 1-Innocert programme, eco-labelling etc.
  • Conduct industry studies and publications on biomass industry, carbon management and reduction, as well as adoption of sustainable technologies and practices.

MBIC Roundtable Session 2017

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