SMEs Development

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Under Malaysia’s SME Masterplan 2012-2020, the government has committed to providing financial as well as facilitation resources to assist SMEs to upgrade and upscale their businesses. The key focus of the plan is to facilitate SMEs to adopt new technologies, innovations, intellectual property protection and human capacity to generate higher value outputs from their businesses. The government is also ¬†encouraging entrepreneurs to form new startups especially those in the digital sector.

Commercialisation Landscape 02At RAPID GENESIS, our decade-long experience in developing and bringing new technologies into commercial business and collaborating with researchers has enabled us to extend our expertise and know-how to assist SMEs in the following areas:

1.) R&D for products improvement and development

2.) Linkages to universities and individual researchers for expertise and facilities

3.) Access to public and private funding for technology development, commercialisation and scale-up (Click here to download the latest funding landscape in Malaysia)

Our current portfolio in SMEs development include:

1.) Assisting an SME in animal breeding sector to apply for soft loan of RM 3.5 million from Malaysia’s Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS)

2.) Innovation training and R&D lab setup for a pre-IPO company in erosion control engineering sector

3.) Securing a branding assistance grant of RM500,000 for an SME for corporate branding and promotions activities

4.) Securing a partial government grant of RM700,000 and provision of incubation services to an SME in food waste business

5.) Assisting an SME in biomass fuel pellets sector to secure the supply of technology, plant and equipment to a government-linked corporation with total expected value of RM60 million over a five-year period

6.) Technology access and linkages to university researchers for an SME in the production of bio-based products from palm oil feedstock

7.) Founding of a tech startup in real-time water monitoring and control smart system via commercialisation grant of RM490,000 from MTDC under CRDF-3

8.) Founding of a tech startup in molecular diagnostics and genetics technologies via pre-commercialisation grant of RM660,000 from Platcom Ventures under Concept-to-Commercialisation Gap Fund (CCGF)



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