Papers & Presentations

1.) Rapid Genesis profile presentation

Click here to download

2.) Malaysia Biomass Industries Review 2015-2016 (published by Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation)

Read about the latest development and happenings in the biomass sector in Malaysia; the opportunities for big and small players alike. Email us at tang.rapid@gmail.com if you wish to procure a copy.

3.) Economic & Environmental Sustainability in Malaysia via Biomass Industry

Paper presented at international workshop on “Recent Trend and Future Perspectives of Biofuel Production in Asia”, October 28- November 1, 2014 at Bangkok, Thailand, jointly organised by Kasetsart University (Thailand) & Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (Taiwan)

Click  here to download

4.) Commercialization of Local Biomass R&D

Paper presented at the International Conference on Biofuels and Biomass for Value-Added Products 2012 (ICBBVAP 2012), 23-24 October, Kuala Lumpur

Download paper here ICBBVAP 2012_Commercialization of Biomass R&D in Malaysia

5.) Latest Government Initiatives & Updates on the Biomass Industry

Presentation during Networking Session of Malaysian Biomass Industry Confederation (MBIC)

Click here to download

6.) Malaysia Bio-energy Country Report 2013

Click here to download

 7.) Malaysian Biomass Industry Action Plan 2020

Click here to download


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