1.) One of our tech startups, BioGenes Technologies recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Monash University of Malaysia to collaborate on the development of genomics technology to add value to the Malaysian Arowana industry. This MoA will see BioGenes contributing seed R&D funding to Monash University to initiate this collaboration.


The local Arowana industry is currently new challenges of depressed productivity, low market prices as well as lack of genetic diversity. Genomics technologies such as genetic markers identification and testing, as well as precision breeding will be able to bring the industry into a higher level.

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2.) Rapid Genesis is happy to announce the official signing of MoU with Greenearth International Sdn. Bhd. during the networking session organised by Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation (MBIC). The MoU will see both parties jointly working to develop clean tech solutions and innovations for the oil palm sector in Malaysia.

MoU RGenesis & .Greenearth

The collaboration will focus on the plantation and milling processes; ranging from crop yield enhancement, water and energy conservation, biomass high-value utilization and process remote automation. A number of technologies will be deployed that include drone aerial survey, real-time sensors, optics sensing, data analytics, precision water treatment, as well as genomics and molecular breeding.

This collaboration will also open up many opportunities for Rapid Genesis to work with its existing and new universities and research partners such as UKM, UM, Cranfield University UK etc. to develop, validate and commercialise new technologies for the oil palm sector.


a.) Joint participation with Cranfield University (United Kingdom) and University of Malaya (Malaysia) in biomass research project in evaluating and predicting nutrients availability from biomass waste to meet crop demands in Malaysia. Rapid Genesis will serve as the private sector project partner to provide commercial-focused inputs as well as explore the development of field sensor technology for the detection and measurement of nutrients in the biomass materials.

Site visit to composting plant with researchers from Cranfield University and University of Malaya

Site visit to composting plant with researchers from Cranfield University and University of Malaya

This project is jointly funded by the UK and Malaysian governments via a £375 million 5-year funding programme  where UK will use its strength in research and innovation to promote the economic development and social welfare of partner countries. By working together on bi-lateral and multi-lateral programmes with a research and innovation focus, UK hopes to build strong, sustainable, systemic relationships with partner countries. This will support the continued excellence of the UK research base and innovation ecosystem and act as a golden key to unlock opportunities for wider collaboration and trade.


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