Our Activities

⇓ Deployment of RAPID smart water system in BMW assembly plant, South Africa

RAPID BMW plant 02a

⇓ Participation in technology transfer conferences and exhibitions in China

CAEXPO Booth 01

Exhibiting of Malaysian technology products in China-ASEAN Expo 2017

⇓ Click here to see the video of the event and our exhibition booth!


APEC-International Technology Transfer Network program in Xi’an, China

Tianjin pic 02

Tianjin, China

⇓ Invitation by China Academy of Sciences to present on Malaysia biomass industry in Beijing, China


⇓ Participation in Aqua Pets exhibition to promote genetics testing services


⇓ Test flight of auto-drone for oil palm plantation survey

Drone Test Run

⇓ Visit with Cranfield University UK and University Malaya researchers to palm biomass composting site


⇓ EU networking session, click here for video

EU Networking

⇓ Product demonstration & training to government agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia


2013-01-07 14.03.41

⇓ Our product exhibited by MARDI during ITEX 2011

⇓ Testing of prototype in customer’s factory

Installation of Prototype in South Africa

⇓ Participation in community field work on healthcare project with UKM

⇓ Talk on Mobile Apps Development in UKM

⇓ Presentation to NALCO R&D Center in Shanghai, China

⇓ Rapid Labs exhibition in KL and China


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