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Technology Ventures

In Updated on August 31, 2011 at 9:12 am

Since 2007, we have been involved in a number of technology ventures in partnership with parties such as universities, research institutes, multinationals and even individual techies. We currently operates the Genesis Incubation Centre to provide tech development and commercialization services such as fund sourcing, lab and office space, guidance and mentoring as well as networking and global market access opportunities.

Our technology venture portfolio include:

1.) Sensors and cloud-based remote control system for water, environmental and process monitoring applications


2.) Genomic-based sensors for molecular screening and field testing in aquaculture, agriculture and animal breeding


3.) Drone capture and analytics technologies for field survey and information gathering


4.) Palm-based biomass to renewable fuels

5.) Enzymatic conversion of biomass by-products to animal feed and high-value ingredients

6.) Mobile ordering platform for F&B retail

7.) Interactive writing solutions